Business Assistance and Development

Trail Towns bring new opportunities to start or expand businesses to a unique and growing market.  If you are interested in tapping into the trail market, then we are your go-to resource.


The Trail Town Program® staff can provide you with the resources to assist with your business planning and development.  Both local and touring cyclists are looking for services to refuel and explore beyond the trail path. Working with the Trail Town Program® can help prepare your business ideas take the next step in the following ways:

  • Technical Assistance – Looking to start or expand a business in a Trail Town? At the Trail Town Program® we have the market information related to trail usage, demographics, and the overall economic impact data to help you familiarize with the growing trail market. We can also provide you with information regarding business opportunities in specific Trail Towns to help you choose your ideal location. If you are already a business in a Trail Town and would like to learn how to better serve trail users or increase your sustainable practices, check out the Trail Town Certified Network.
  • Business Planning – By researching Trail Town opportunities and using the available resources from the Trail Town Program®, the next step is developing and fine-tuning your business plan. Consult with your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help guide you through that process. Click the links to find the nearest SBDC near you: Pennsylvania or Maryland
  • Summits & Networking Events  Each year, we host a variety of workshops and summits to  provide learning and networking opportunities for business owners and community members to stay up to date with the latest trends.  Previous summits have included topics such as marketing your business or trail, hospitality, bike-friendly events, and sustainability.
  • Business Testimonials – Nothing we can tell you about the trail market will compare to what businesses and community members have to say.  Please visit The Progress Fund and Trail Town Program® YouTube pages to learn more.