Great Allegheny Passage

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The Great Allegheny Passage is a 150 mile trail that runs from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD. From there, it connects to the C&O Canal Towpath to Washington, DC.

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) was built on the abandoned rail beds of the West Maryland Railway and the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad, and it was completed in 2013. Throughout the 150 miles of trail, you will encounter bridges, tunnels and train stations— relics of the former rail bustle. The GAP was a collaborative effort of 6 trail groups of the Allegheny Trail Alliance. The GAP is 1 of 11 National Scenic Trails, the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

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Discover the GAP Trail Towns:


South Side, Pittsburgh, PA

(Mile 146) The South Side meets the GAP on the downtown side of the Hot Metal Bridge. Formerly the site of massive steel mills and residences for its workers, South Side’s East Carson Street is a National Register Historic District and a funky, vibrant hive of shopping, entertainment, and creative activity. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Homestead & West Homestead, PA

(Mile 140) Right along the Monongahela River, this community was once the site of the largest steel manufacturing site. The former mill site now features dozens of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues known as The Waterfront. Homestead’s historic downtown 8th Avenue remains an example of the Victorian-era mill towns that flourished around Pittsburgh and is home to a growing number of specialty restaurants, shops, bakeries, as well as a brewery. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


McKeesport, PA

(Mile 132) The City of McKeesport intersects several trails as well as the confluence of the Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers. Right at the trailhead is also located a popular marina and The Palisades event center. Located along the trail is the historic Kennedy Park with the oldest known statue of the late President. McKeesport also connects to the “Loop” trail where bike friendly eateries can be found. Nearby is the “Clairton Connector” which starts from the McKeesport Marina and is an on road connection to the Montour Trail. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Boston, PA

(Mile 128) Boston is the largest trail access area in Elizabeth Township and is recognized by the recently restored blue Boston Bridge and nearby Dead Man’s Hollow nature reserve. Right beside the trail, visitors can find snack, beverages, a quaint gift shop, and a place to spend the night. This area is also an excellent point for access to the Youghiogheny River for canoes, kayaks, and more recently stand-up paddleboards. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


West Newton, PA

(Mile 114) West Newton is a community historically associated with trails. The town’s location on the Glades Trail (today Pennsylvania Route 31) brought Native Americans and early European settlers to the area. With the arrival of the train came the commercial Downtown that still characterizes West Newton today. Right along the trail there is unique lodging and dining. Cross the century old bridge into downtown and relax in the riverfront park, Simeral Square. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Connellsville, PA

(Mille 88) Connellsville’s coke factories once fueled the regional economy and many of the town’s buildings, churches, and residences are indicative of this prosperous past. Restaurants, shops, and other attractions encourage trail users to take a break and visit downtown Connellsville. Adirondack shelters at the northern end of the City make this a popular overnight stop for long distance riders. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Ohiopyle, PA

(Mile 72) The falls and river recreation have made Ohiopyle a tourist destination since the advent of the railroads. Today, Ohiopyle is the headquarters of Ohiopyle State Park, the most popular state parks in Pennsylvania. Opportunities for whitewater rafting, hiking, and, of course, biking make this town an outdoor recreation destination for over 1.5 million visitors each year. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Confluence, PA

(Mile 60) Confluence is a great little vacation community with riverside dining, excellent B&Bs, a lovely town square, and a lot of activity. Annual events like Pumpkin Fest and Old Home Days are full of small town charm. Its location near the Youghiogheny River Lake and its proximity to Ohiopyle State Park make it a hub for outdoor recreationists and families looking for a getaway. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Rockwood, PA

(Mile 43) This charming trailside community has a small town feel but offers trail services in a big way. A hostel, bike shop, small restaurants, and camping are all at the trailhead or just across the bridge in town. The Rockwood Opera House and Mill Shoppes is a former lumber mill and opera house that now houses shops and eateries in a unique historic building. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Meyersdale, PA

(Mile 32) The “Maple City” hosts the PA Maple Festival each year and is only 12 miles from the Maryland state border, where the trail is downhill all the way to Cumberland, Maryland. Meyersdale is near thrilling trail features, like the 3,300 foot long Big Savage, and the Keystone and Salisbury viaducts that cross the Flaugherty Creek and Casselman River valleys. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Frostburg, MD

(Mile 15) The City of Frostburg sits on the Historic National Road. The coal industry and establishment of Frostburg State University have played a major role in the city’s development. Shops and eateries are located just a few hundred feet up Depot Street hill from the trail, and are worth the trip. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Cumberland, MD

(Mile 0) Long known as the “Queen City of Maryland”, Cumberland continues to build upon its transportation and industrial heritage. It is here at Mile Marker “0” the Great Allegheny Passage meets the C&O Canal Towpath to Washington DC. Located nearby is the city’s central business district and pedestrian mall with its numerous attractions and services are located. Check out this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.