Certified Network

trail town logoAs trail users visit your town, we want you to get more dollars from them through visitor-targeted efforts and to save more dollars through economically and environmentally sustainable practices.

What is it?

The Trail Town Certified Network is a free association for all businesses and organizations that serve trail users in our Trail Towns; its members commit to helping each other make the most of trail users’ patronage. We support and promote local businesses and organizations in their pursuit of practices that are economically sound, environmentally conscious, and socially mindful for the benefit of businesses, consumers, and their communities.

What are the things it does?

The Trail Town Certified Network evaluates your operating practices and helps you learn more about how to provide needed amenities to better serve trail users. We also host meetings, networking events, and learning workshops. We will schedule periodic check-ins to see how the Network is working for you, gather info on how business is going, and offer support and advice.

Members are encouraged to continually improve upon their progress and accomplishments and to share successes with others in the network, customers, and the public. They connect with each other to exchange information, what works for them and what doesn’t. Sometimes, new connections can result in new business partnerships or referrals too.

Is there recognition?

Of course! Recognition includes a listing on our Trail Town Program® webpage, window decal, marketing materials, and social media shot-outs for events and going the extra mile as a Trail Town Certified Network member.