Assessments and Research

To grow a Trail Town effectively, you need to know the strengths and opportunities of:

  • Your community, by bringing the town together for an assessment
  • Your visitors, with research and surveys



Our free Trail Town assessment workbook can help your community evaluate safety, access and whether your town has the business and amenities to attract trail-goers.

We’ve field-tested and tweaked our assessment for 10+ years. It leads you through in-depth questions like: are your parking spaces long enough for hitch-mounted bike racks? Do signs help visitors find attractions in town? Do riders have somewhere to put their bikes while they explore a while?

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Want to run your own research? Our Trail Towns guide shares step-by-step instructions to conduct trail counts, rider surveys and business research.

Need somewhere to start? You can also reference our key finding and economic impact reports, or dig into our full research bank.

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Free tool for trail towns.

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