Erie to Pittsburgh

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is a developing network of trails that will connect the Lake Erie bayfront to the Point in downtown Pittsburgh.

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance is working to close the gaps of this lengthy system, which crosses through 6 Pennsylvania counties and 1 in New York. The most contiguous potion of the trail so far is from Titusville to Foxburg, with a 3-mile gap between Emlenton and Foxburg. This section of trail flows along the Wild & Scenic Allegheny River and Oil Creek State Park, in the “Valley that Changed the World” with the discovery and wealth of oil production.

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Explore the route’s Trail Towns:


Titusville, PA

Titusville is located north of Oil Creek State Park and it notable as the location where the modern oil industry began. Downtown Titusville is home to unique shops, eateries, and a destination brewery. Catch the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad to take a ride through history right beside the trail. If you want to continue your railroad experience check out the local motel in town and stay in a caboose! Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Oil City, PA

Oil City is a nationally accredited Main Street Community with trail running through its North and South Side business districts. Oil City is full of shops, dining, entertainment, and art. Home to a vibrant art scene there is public art throughout the city and an art gallery on the North Side. Oil City is also home to the annual Oil Heritage Festival, celebrating the regions rich heritage as a result of the “oil boom”. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Franklin, PA

Franklin is a classic Victorian city full of events year-round. Liberty Street is home to many specialty shops as well as a mix of dining including some outdoor patios perfect for trail users. Franklin has become an outdoor recreation destination for both biking, paddling, or just relaxing along French Creek and the Allegheny River in Riverfront Park and other downtown greenspaces. Bronze Certified Bicycle Friendly Community. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.


Emlenton, PA

Emlenton was once home to the Quaker State Oil Refinery Company that drove its growth in the late 19th century and early 20th Century. Just a few miles south of the Rockland Tunnel, visitors can stop in town for dining, lodging, and easy river access. The Crawford Center, former school building, is home to small shops as well as the Pumping Jack Museum. There you can get information to take a walking tour of Emlenton’s Historic District. Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.

Foxburg, PA

This tiny hamlet is a trail and foodie destination. The small business district boasts a mix of dining as well as treats such as a local winery and chocolate shop. Visitors can spend the night with views to the scenic Allegheny River. Stop by the refurbished caboose to explore some of Foxburg’s local character. Foxburg is also home to the oldest continuously used golf course, the Foxburg Country Club, and the American Golf Hall of Fame Museum! Click here for this Trail Town’s Business Opportunities.