Marketing the Trail Towns is a collaborative effort between many partners including trail groups, community members, businesses, and special attractions that help bring visitors to the region.


The Trail Town Program® has assisted in producing several forms of marketing tools to assist in attracting trail users into town. Below are some of the marketing efforts we assist with:

  • Print Media – Take away items such as brochures, rack cards, and maps to help provide visitors with proper information about the attractions and businesses in the Trail Towns. The Trail Town Program® has assisted in the creation of the Trail Town Brochures along the Great Allegheny Passage and various rack cards including a piece for the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.
  • Newsletter – Each month The Trail Town Program® releases a digital newsletter containing information about what is happening within the Trail Towns and additional information to assist Trail Town partners.
  • Social Media – The Trail Town Program® utilizes several social media platforms to communicate marketing efforts regarding events and attractions within the Trail Towns. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are the social platforms used by the Trail Town Program®.