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Still offering 5.5% interest

Outdoor recreation is one of the few economic sectors that grew during the pandemic and it has continued to grow as individuals and families have picked up new hobbies and formed new traditions. This was the message by Governor Shapiro at an announcement on September 6th in Fayette County, PA. The Progress Fund was mentioned for its role in providing … Continue reading

What you order speaks volumes

PART FOUR: If you joined our entrepreneurial summer series during week three (we hit the rafts, bikes, canoes, kayaks), you may still be hungry. This week, we’ll share a booth with some of the most innovative restaurateurs in the region, where they’ll try to read the minds of the dining public – an exercise which might go better with a … Continue reading

It crawled from the Yough

PART THREE: Whether you joined our entrepreneurial summer series at a bed & breakfast (week one) or a distillery (week two), you know that change is a constant in small business. As a result, adaptation is a key phase in the entrepreneurial life cycle. Nowhere is that more true than along the trails and rivers, where consumer tastes shift almost … Continue reading