Our “Placemaker Series”

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) happened because of people.  People that had a vision and wanted to ride it.  People that went about the job of building it.  People that promoted it and those that are maximizing the GAP’s economic potential.

The story of the GAP’s success is captured by what these “Placemakers” now have to say or have written.  These are lessons-learned that you might find helpful in your own trail endeavors.

The 2nd Placemaker in our series of people that have made the GAP come alive is Bill Metzger.  Bill knows the trail and its history like no other.  His new book covers the interesting history of every hamlet, town, archaeological site, industrial artifact and bend in the river, from one end of the trail to the other.

If you are a fan of the Great Allegheny Passage, you should grab a copy of this book before your next ride on the GAP. 

For those of you who follow our Trail Town Program® website for “best practices” then Bill’s book should interest you as a marketing and promotional tool.  Bill’s book is an entertaining mile-by-mile trail companion.  It makes you want to grab your bike and launch down the trail, over-and-over again.  And that is the economic development you want along your trail network, more visitors and longer stays on the trail is where the “rubber meets the (trail) road”. Your trail might benefit from a similar “companion history”.

Bill’s “New Addition” is available here.