How To “Green” Your Business

Most of us realize that human consumption and waste has contributed to the environmental issues we see today. But just how bad are we Americans on the environment? First of all, we’re wasteful—a recent study from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found that the US wastes as much as 61 percent of its energy. Second, we produce more than our … Continue reading

Seeking Trail User Information!


We are currently conducting a survey to find out what trail users are looking for during their journeys on the trail. Please take our survey and share it out! Survey Results will be available between October and November 2015. Any questions regarding this survey please contact us.

Greening Your Business


Looking to green your business and go sustainable and not sure where to start? Putting together a sustainability plan may seem daunting but actually can be very simple and easy to get started. When looking to start any sustainability plan, ideally you should begin with an assessment. The majority of assessments will look at the functions of the building, equipment … Continue reading

Sojourners Visit the Sheepskin Trail


This year the Rails to Trails Conservancy hosted two sojourns in our region, each featuring a small section of the developing Sheepskin Trail. Each year, the sojourns brings hundreds of trail enthusiasts to ride the trails and learn about their local uniqueness and where they connect into the system of growing trail networks.  The first ever West Virginia Rail-Trail Sojourn … Continue reading