Guest Blog

How To “Green” Your Business

Most of us realize that human consumption and waste has contributed to the environmental issues we see today. But just how bad are we Americans on the environment? First of all, we’re wasteful—a recent study from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found that the US wastes as much as 61 percent of its energy. Second, we produce more than our … Continue reading

“For One Thing…”

140 years ago, a 4 1/2 story grist mill was built in our town. It was one of the first of its kind in the United States. It majestically sat along Main Street and overlooked the placid Allegheny River. That is, it did so until Thursday night. The Emlenton Mill was lucky to have lived a few lives and its … Continue reading

Softer Side of Winter

A fresh layer of powdery snow glistens on the evergreens that surround us. Their lower extremities form snowy tunnels and their higher branches reach toward the gray sky of dusk as a light snow cascades around us. My husband pulls our toddler in the sled along this snowy trail as we create new tracks. Our preschooler follows in my elongated ski … Continue reading

The Big Three for Responsive Web Design for 2015 and Beyond

It seems like every day the number of different types of handheld, mobile devices continues to grow. What was once a simple cellular telephone that connected people through texts and photos, has exploded into an entire marketplace of these mini-computers. So prevalent and ubiquitous are these devices that 75% of Americans admit to using them in the bathroom from a … Continue reading