Greening Your Business

greening_your_businessLooking to green your business and go sustainable and not sure where to start? Putting together a sustainability plan may seem daunting but actually can be very simple and easy to get started.

When looking to start any sustainability plan, ideally you should begin with an assessment. The majority of assessments will look at the functions of the building, equipment used, and employee habits. The goal of these assessments if to help you establish goals and objectives going forward to focus on. Once you have completed your assessment establish long and short term goals for your business to accomplish.

Once you have established your goals it useful to establish a “green team” among your employees. These would be anyone that wants to help with your sustainable initiatives within your business. Work with them to help you create a strategy for achieving your goals, especially if some of those strategies include behavioral changes. A great way to track your progress for FREE is using Energy Star Portfolio Manager. It is a great tool to help you track your energy and water usage to help you understand where to reduce.

After you have established your team you can come up with a way to market your new effort for sustainability. If you have a website you can have a page telling your story about why you chose to do this and what you are trying to accomplish. Make the story personal and share your journey. On you social media you can share out your message through means of blogs and using appropriate hashtag to attract more viewers.

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