Greenway Sojourn 2014

On Sunday June 22, 2014, 300 bike riders will set out on the Greenway Sojourn sponsored by the Rails to Trail Conservancy.  This year will mark the twelfth year for the Greenway Sojourn to lead groups of bikers along scenic trails in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Along the way riders will have the opportunity to stop and explore the towns and attractions.

This year the Greenway Sojourn will be taking three different trails and going through three different states.  The trails that they will be riding on include; the Panhandle Trail, Montour Trial, and the Great Allegheny Passage. The journey is completed at the riders own pace and this year will include a walking option for those who would like to travel at a slower pace.

On the first day of the riding the riders will begin their trip in Weirton, West Virginia. For the first two days of their journey they will be on the Panhandle Trail and Montour Trail.  Midway through day two they will pick up on the Great Allegheny Passage to finish their trip. During those days they will have a relaxation day in and around Ohiopyle State Park.

The Greenway Sojourn is a great opportunity for Trail Towns to attract riders to their communities.  To view the full travel itinerary for the Greenway Sojourn, please click here and see if they will be coming to your town. Trail Towns should be prepared for the large group of travelers that will be riding until June 27, 2014, when they complete their journey in Cumberland, MD.