McKeesport Kennedy Memorial Park Clean Up

img_0444On July 16 the Trail Town Program® organized a clean up in the park which included the help of the LaRosa Boys & Girls Club. Thirteen people spent several hours cleaning up the park. In total about twelve bags of debris and litter were collected. The children learned about the importance of green space and the impact that it has on their community. Green space helps combat the “heat island” effect that is common in cities with a lot of concrete and buildings. The “heat island” effect causes the temperature in urban areas to be much higher leading to higher energy costs, air pollution, and heat-related illnesses. Adding more greenery and trees to an urban area can help mitigate these issues to create an overall better and healthier living environment.

Kennedy Memorial Park is a iconic historical location in McKeesport, PA. This park is the location of the oldest statue portraying the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. At the location Kennedy gave a speech in 1962 during a tour of mill towns in western Pennsylvania. At the time McKeesport was the second largest city in Allegheny County. The statue was created by sculptor Bryant Baker and was unveiled on February 9,1965.

The Trail Towns Program® greatly appreciate all the help and support that we received during the planning and completion of the clean up project and look forward to further projects in McKeesport. Currently the Trail Town Program is in the early stages of planning another clean up at the marina and trailhead location.