Check Out the Scene In One of Our New Trail Towns- Titusville!

Check out the Scene in one of our new Trail Towns—Titusville!

The birthplace of the commercial oil industry, Titusville is also is one of the Trail Towns along the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail. Coming up in August, there are two events that promise lots of family-oriented fun. The first event is the Oil Festival, which starts at 7am on Friday, August 8th and will end with a fireworks show at 10pm on Saturday, August 9th.  Among the events will be the 6th Annual Drake’s Folly Beer Festival, an open air market sponsored by Titusville Renaissance, Inc., and the PA Oil Region AACA Car Show.

Then, on August 17th, the Drake Well Marathon will start at 7am in Titusville. This race attracts runners from all over the country and even attracts participants from other countries. The race runs through the main streets of Titusville and along the banks of the Oil Creek. For more information on how to sign up to participate or to volunteer, please click here.

Looking ahead to October 11-12th, the Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs kicks off with runners racing anywhere from thirty-one to one hundred miles. David Hellman, the director of Oil Creek State Park says, “This event will bring approximately 450 endurance trail runners from all over the world, as well as hundreds of race volunteers.” Start times will begin at 5am on the 11th. For more information on the Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs, please click here.

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