Little Changes Go a Long Way

Many Trail Towns have a bulletin board at their trail head to help promote events and businesses within the town. Sometimes these boards can look worn and out of date if not regularly updated with new and current information. These updates do not need to occur often but can make a huge difference. Having updated information helps trail users know about the amenities and activities that your town has to offer.


On July 21, members of the Trail Town Outreach Corp visited Ebensburg, PA to help give some feedback regarding the appearance and information featured in their bulletin board. Updating their bulletin board at their Ghost Town Trail head was a suggestion made during their trail town assessment review on June 17th. Work was started on the board that day. On July 25th the update and redesign was completed. The bulletin board is now brightly colored and contains updated information regarding the businesses in town as well as events that are happening. The bulletin board is much more inviting and gives trail users the information they need to encourage them to visit Ebensburg, PA.