New Members to the Trail Town Certified Network!

Within this last month the Trail Town Outreach Corp has been reaching out to business members within the Trail Towns to invite them to join the Trail Town Certified Network. An inclusive network for business and organizations in trail towns. This month the Trail Town Certified Network has grown by five businesses. These businesses are located in Homestead and West Homestead. We commend these business and organizations on their enthusiasm for sustainable and trail friendly practices. We are proud to introduce our newest members to the Trail Town Certified Network: Blue Dust, Duke’s Upper Deck Café, Voodoo Brewery, Changin’ Time Laundry Services, and West Homestead Borough.  Below are features on each new member.

Blue Dust

Homestead, PA

The Blue Dust is a bar and gastropub located at the former entrance to the Homestead Steel Works. The Blue Dust offer a wide variety of craft beers and cocktails made of house infused vodka. The food served by the Blue Dust is sourced locally and there is plenty of bike racks to accommodate trail users. Most of the materials used within the gastropub are salvaged materials from Construction Junction, a local reuse center for salvaged materials, and they offer cardboard to-go containers over Styrofoam. Blue Dust often hosts local bike rides, such as the popular Underwear Bike ride that begins and Lawrenceville, PA and ends in Homestead, PA.

Duke’s Upper Deck Café

Homestead, PA

Duke’s Upper Deck Café is a sports bar and restaurant with, as they say, the “longest beer list on the far side of the river.” They have 48 beers on draft so they have something for everyone. One of the great features of Duke’s Upper Deck Café is the large outdoor seating are that is available for casually hanging out all summer long. Duke’s Upper Deck Café offers many amenities to trail users including bike tools, pump, and brochures with information about the area. They also offer a variety of vegetarian options on their menu to accommodate visitors with different dietary needs. Duke’s Upper Deck Café sustainability efforts include having a water conservation, waste management, and energy management policy.

Voodoo Brewery – (Coming Soon)

Homestead, PA

Voodoo Brewery is an established brewery located in Meadville, PA. There are now expanding and opening a new location in Homestead, PA. The location is not currently open yet, but expected to be this fall. We are happy to have this new business a part of our Trail Town Certified Network.  Although the building is currently in progress of rehabilitation, they are already making sustainability efforts. The building that the brewery will be located in will be a rehabilitated older building. The goal for the building is to make solar their energy source. Voodoo Brewery is also planning to have bike racks and tools available to those that may need them.

West Homestead Borough

West Homestead, PA

We are happy to introduce the first borough to the Trail Town Certified Network! West Homestead Borough has been making strides to become more sustainable and trail friendly. They are currently in the process of planning for rain barrels on the borough building and adding more bike racks. West Homestead currently owns Renewable Energy Credits and is in the process of renegotiating their contract to continue purchasing them. The borough building is welcoming for trail users that need assistance locating lodging and food in town.

Changin’ Time Laundry Services

Changin’ Time Laundry Services is located on West 8th Ave in West Homestead, PA. They not only provide traditional laundry services but provide cloth diaper service as well. Currently at the Changin’ Time Laundry Service they compost lint and soiled cloth diapers. They also use all Energy Star Certified washing machines. Changin’ Time Laundry Services is currently in the process of a grey water treatment system and working towards becoming friendlier towards trail users. They currently offer traditional laundry services for trail users to wash dirty trail gear and free drying services Monday through Friday between 11am and 2pm!

To learn more, please visit the Trail Town Certified Network Page.