The West Virginia Sojourn!

RTC Sojourn

It’s an incredible journey through wildlife-filled forests, historic towns and breathtaking tunnels that will give you the best of what the Mountain State has to offer.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is proud to present the West Virginia Sojourn—latest ride in our 2016 Sojourn Series.

Join us June 19-22 for a wild and wonderful adventure on West Virginia’s scenic North Bend Rail Trail.

Lush forest landscapes, abundant wildlife and warm, welcoming towns await as you travel along the rich railroad history of the fantastic North Bend Rail Trail. From the shady canopy to the 10 amazing tunnels, you’ll have a lot to take in during your four-day journey.

Each sojourn is truly an unforgettable adventure. And along the way, you’ll be helping empower local communities to complete trail networks that will benefit the entire region. That’s the true power of our sojourns—and why thousands of riders, of all skill levels, have joined us since 2001 on these unique trail adventures.

Registration is now openbook your West Virginia Sojourn trip today!

Happy Trails,

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Team