Get Charged Up at Savage River Lodge

Tesla Car Charging Station 2This June you will truly be able to travel off the grid in Western Maryland. The Savage River Lodge, a Trail Town Certified Network member, has been an ecotourism destination since 2011 and their commitment to sustainability has gone above and beyond.

Guest have the option to stay in sustainably built private cabins or yurts powered by 325 solar panels located on the property. Also, there is no air conditioning! Sounds crazy but the all the buildings use ceiling fans and natural shade to keep the buildings cool. Significantly reducing energy consumption. The recently installed yurts use installed radiant floor heating and same in-line hot water to reduce energy consumption making them a low impact lodging option.

In the restaurant at the Savage River Lodge there is a large selection of food and wine that are all sourced locally. All of the fryer oil from the restaurant is turned into biodiesel fuel that is used to run the lodge’s VW Jetta, Kawasaki Mules, and Kubota tractor.

Recently the Savage River Lodge has truly added to their sustainable practices by installing two solar-powered electric car charging stations. “We work hard to lead the way in terms of sustainability and this was a big step forward,” says Mike Dreisbach, owner of the Savage River Lodge. These stations are the first in Western Maryland. Guest have the option to truly travel green, making zero-emission travel a reality. The station offer a Tesla specific and universal charger for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In 2011, Savage River Lodge won the Maryland Department of Tourism’s Green/Sustainable Award for their impressive and dedicated eco-friendly practices. With the addition of the charging station Savage River Lodge has continued full steam ahead with their sustainability practices and continue to be a popular ecotourism destination in Western Maryland.

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