Mon Wharf Switchback

The Mon Warf Switchback is a much anticipated and in demand project along the riverbank of the Monongahela River. The switchback would connect cyclist from Point State Park to the Great Allegheny Passage, the Smithfield Street Bridge, and the Eliza Furnace Trail. This switchback would all cyclists to have a completely off-road experience along the riverbank.

The project has been taken on by the Riverlife organization. Riverlife is an organization with the goal to revitalize and restore the riverfront to the community and visitors of the region. The project has taken almost a decade to complete due to lack of funding, infrastructure challenges, and topography along the riverfront.

In October, Riverlife announced that they received a $250,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to solidify funding for the project. They plan to go out to bid on the project in July or August of 2015. The goal to begin construction on the project would be in the spring of 2016. This project will not be only improvement made to the Mon Warf to help improve the connection of trail. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources are in the process of designing a connection of Point State Park under the Fort Pitt Bridge. This project it known as the Point State Park Connector.

Once both projects are completed this create a seamless connection of riverfront along the Monongahela River. This completely non-motorized section addresses safety concerns for cyclists of all ages and skill level. For more information and updates on either of these projects visit Riverlife’s Website.