Switching to Renewable Energy

Happy Earth Day!!

Switching to renewable energy may seem like a challenge. Putting up wind turbines or solar panels may not be ideal for your location or for your wallet. Did you know there are other ways to get your electric from renewable energy?

All Pennsylvania residents have the right to choose their electric supplier and where it comes from. By choosing an alternate supplier you can save money and the environment! There are a lot of reason to switch to renewable energy. Renewable energy can be used again and again. Typical fossil fuel methods such as natural gas, oil, and coal can only last as sources are available. Also nonrenewable resources can have detrimental effects on the environment and public health.

Nonrenewable energy can cause pollution. Coal-fired power plants but off large amounts of sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides. According to the EPA vehicles now account for 75% of the carbon monoxide emissions nationwide. Natural gas is still in it’s infancy in Pennsylvania, but it is believed that the extraction of natural gas has led to water pollution. These type of pollutants can lead to health issues such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, birth defects, and COPD.

Choosing an alternative option is easy! Visit PA Power Switch to learn more about your options and to shop for your alternative energy source. If you are interested in taking your own measures towards pollution reduction and want to get alternative energy on your property check out the Pollution Prevention Assistance Account (PPAA) Loan Program. Small businesses can get loans to cover up to 75% of the cost for businesses with less the 100 employees.

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