Trail Town Certified Network

Get Charged Up at Savage River Lodge

This June you will truly be able to travel off the grid in Western Maryland. The Savage River Lodge, a Trail Town Certified Network member, has been an ecotourism destination since 2011 and their commitment to sustainability has gone above and beyond. Guest have the option to stay in sustainably built private cabins or yurts powered by 325 solar panels … Continue reading

Switching to Renewable Energy

Happy Earth Day!! Switching to renewable energy may seem like a challenge. Putting up wind turbines or solar panels may not be ideal for your location or for your wallet. Did you know there are other ways to get your electric from renewable energy? All Pennsylvania residents have the right to choose their electric supplier and where it comes from. … Continue reading

New Trail Town Certified Network Members and Future Networking Opportunities

Within the past two months the Trail Town Outreach Fellows have been busy growing the Trail Town Certified Network.  In this time we have had fifteen new members join the Network and thirteen of those members lie on the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail System! These new members will not only be able to begin networking amongst themselves but with other … Continue reading

New Members to the Trail Town Certified Network!

Within this last month the Trail Town Outreach Corp has been reaching out to business members within the Trail Towns to invite them to join the Trail Town Certified Network. An inclusive network for business and organizations in trail towns. This month the Trail Town Certified Network has grown by five businesses. These businesses are located in Homestead and West … Continue reading

The Trail Town Certified Network is expanding!

The Trail Town Certified Network is an exclusive network for businesses that reside in Trail Towns along major trail Corridors. This year we are expanding the Trail Town Certified Network beyond the Great Allegheny Passage to now include, The Trans-Allegheny Trail, The Montour Trail, The Sheepskin Trail and The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Systems. To become a member of the … Continue reading